No Gimmicks

The Lord loves you. And most certainly is the Time of Christmas an opportunity to understand the extent to which our gracious God would go to show His love.

I am starting this week’s message with this emphasis so that you will consider two things.

First, Christmas is a time when folks are more inclined to attend church somewhere. Personal barriers come down and the general friendliness of the season will often overpower the personal hesitation to be in a context that they would normally avoid. Also, these same people will most likely only attempt such a venture because they have been invited by someone they know. In other words, someone actually said to them, “Hey, it’s Christmas Eve, how about going to church with me tonight?”

Second, I’m sure you know someone who would consider joining you for worship—if you would only ask them. The Thoma family has their eyes set upon a particular neighbor family…and we are going to hit the “go” button on the effort this weekend.

Believe it or not, in the history of the world, this is how 99% of the church’s evangelism really has occurred. Not through gimmicky programs. Not through entertainment. Not through hipster efforts to seem relevant. The church is as it is because the Holy Spirit is at work through the Gospel which simultaneously moves you, the believer, to reach out to others in the very real grit and grime of everyday life. Christmas just so happens to be a time when, contextually, the hardness of the human shell may be a bit more fragile and the task may be a little easier.

Think about it. Pray about. Maybe give it a try. You may be surprised.

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