By God’s Grace, You Are Full of Goodness

Saint Paul wrote something rather interesting in Romans 15. Here’s what he said…

“I myself am convinced, my brothers, that you yourselves are full of goodness, complete in knowledge and competent to instruct one another.” (v.14)

What did he mean by this?

Well, first he meant what it sounds like he meant—that by the power of the Spirit at work through the Gospel in each of them, they were full of goodness—and this means that even while they wrestled with the sinful nature each and every day, through faith in Jesus they had an ability to produce the fruits of faith made ready by the Gospel. We know what those fruits are, since Paul already told us that the fruits of the Spirit are peace, patience, kindness, goodness, etc. These particular fruits produce thoughts, words, and deeds in the world around us that emanate in a variety of ways.

The second thing he meant—at least partially—is that we are gathered together as a fellowship which knows these things and are fully competent for encouraging one another and building one another up according to faith in Jesus.

This is no small thing in our midst, especially since we are more and more taking the lead in our local and broader communities for standing immovably upon the Gospel of Christ in an ever-changing and often threatening world.

We need one another. We need each member to work together—to take the gifts of knowledge and skill that has God has seen fit to give and to share it where appropriate throughout the church. If you are a carpenter, ask how you might put those skills to use in the church. If you are a skilled seamstress, let us know. We have vestments that could use your help. Are you wise with finances? Teach us how to reach out within the fellowship in order to gauge our directions and make sturdier long term plans.

As a believer, by God’s grace, you are full of goodness. This is an uplifting truth, and for that I am grateful.