The Tragedy in Sutherland Springs, Texas

Perhaps you heard the news tonight about the tragedy in Texas—the church members gunned down during worship. With that, I wanted to reach out to you with a brief word of comfort—the same words I just shared with friends on Facebook looking for answers, words stirred by the certainty of faith we have in Jesus Christ:

“Twenty-six Christians killed in worship. Twenty wounded. The suspect is dead. Little ones, teenagers, elderly, too. Evil is a formidable foe. Death, its emissary, has a capital D in its name. There’s a reason our deliverer must be God in the flesh. And so we ponder what was required—the unfathomable love—of the One who would pit Himself against these enemies in order to save both the shooters and their prey. This love will continue to eat bullets and change hearts, and as much as it drives the devil mad, in the end, this love incarnate will be—and already is—the last one standing.”

God be with you tonight, dear Christians. Trust Jesus. With the stamina of that same trust, be sure to pray for your brothers and sisters in Christ at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs. God hears the voices of His people.