Stop It! You’re Not Helping!

(A Facebook Post.)

The Church is neither a fast food restaurant nor a service tantamount to a trip to the Secretary of State—that is, a place you visit only when you desire a particular service. In the case of postmodern Christendom, such services are baptisms, weddings, and funerals. As hard as it may be to hear (and barring a few exceptions), just because you were a member of a particular church at one time but haven’t stepped foot in that same church for twenty-five years does not obligate your pastor. Do not be confused in this. Pastors are not in place to punch your “life event” card and give you a receipt showing that your Christian “tags” are up to date. And pastors who do allow for the church to be used in this way, be warned. Even as you may be working beneath the guise of being “loving,” without clearly communicating that love as it emerges from Law and Gospel, ultimately resulting in the fruits such love produces in Man, you are doing the people a grave disservice and making life so much harder for the Church as a whole. You are training human beings to see the efforts of the Church and the ones who stand in the stead and by the command of Christ Himself as negligible, cheap, and of no real consequence to the totality of one’s life.

Stop it. You’re not helping.

If anything in this regard is to be done in love, let it be that you speak kindly the truth of God’s Word, encourage faithfulness to it, and be found secure enough in your vow to hold the line against the abuses even when you sense the heat is getting turned up on you as an individual.

No, you’re not being unloving. You’re being honest. You’re being faithful.