Put Away Your Fraudulence

(A Facebook Message for Good Friday.)

My wife, Jennifer, is becoming more and more skilled at capturing images of the various birds that make their way to the feeder near to one of our living room windows. As her husband—a pastor with a mind for the visuals of language—her images are sermonic in a sense. First, they speak the Law, which is to say that as the whole world has become undone by sin, a simple reminder of this is that even a bird has to eat. Every hungry stomach rumbles. None are wholly self-sufficient. All living things need help from the outside or else they’ll perish.

But the images of the birds also speak a Christ-centered Gospel, just as Christ said they would. They are distilled moments to ponder what our Lord has so kindly urged. Look at these tiny creatures adorned with colored crowns and feathered wings. Recall that they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet the heavenly Father feeds them (Matthew 6:26). Behold a God who cares even for the simplest of his creatures. Are you not of more value than they?

Oh, yes, you are! The proof of your value is there on the cross in all of its gory detail. God has reached into this world through the person and work of Jesus Christ. And His Word is that this death was not for the birds, but rather for you.

Set aside your fraudulent self-sufficiency. Own the need of which a rumbling stomach warns. You need complete rescue from the outside. The cross displays that rescue. Go see for yourself. See the Savior die that you would live forever. It is the epicenter of Good Friday’s message for you, as even a bird at the feeder serves to remind.