God Will Plant the Seed Through You

The Lord is with you this day! I hope all is well, and that as you find yourself getting ready for the new school year, you feel refreshed from having enjoyed a relaxing summer.

Thinking on the term “refreshed,” I would encourage you to roll with the invigoration you’ve experienced and re-engage with your church family in the coming year. There will be plenty before us as we move forward together by God’s grace, working diligently by the strength He provides to bring His Gospel message to the world around us—and not just through our immediate mission efforts, but through each and every one of us as individuals in our communities, teams, neighborhoods, and families.

Proverbs 15:4 says so eloquently that the “tongue that brings healing is a tree of life…” Of course, all kinds of references to other texts in God’s Word could be considered when thinking on such a verse. Healing is God’s action, namely, the gift of restoration He gives by His abundant mercy. Christ Himself is the tree of life, and we being the branches, use our tongues to share His merciful action for the sake of rescuing us from Sin, Death, and the power of the devil.

In other words, a tongue that brings the restorative message of the Gospel, is attached to a splendid and blessed person born of the same message. And the message itself, by the power of the Holy Spirit at work through it, gives not only the courage, but also the best words at the best time and in the best order. It may not necessarily feel like it, but trust that what I tell you is true. God will use you to plant a seed in order that, one day, it might grow to His glory and the salvation of the person.