Worship Where Anything Goes

(A Facebook Post.)

I’m sure this has the potential for making a few friends into enemies, nevertheless I’m beginning to wonder if the Christian political activists who claim conservatism and yet exist in the “anything goes” styles of worship and its subsequent theology, both of which are expressly designed to make the church more palatable and the community more inclusive, I wonder if they actually realize the incredible sticking point when facing off with a world trying to shove the LGBTQ agenda down their throat, demanding palatability and inclusivity and a willingness to accept the possibility that, indeed, Jesus is an “anything goes” kind of Savior. In other words, there are contours—limitations—and eventually someone has to say no. Even Jesus. “No, that actually isn’t appropriate in worship,” or “No, God does not speak to you personally and tell you what to do. He speaks through His Word, as the Word itself declares. Period.” The seemingly endless permissiveness in what so many are willing to call Christian churches bears a similarity to the personal subjectivity of the culture, and I dare say that the Christians who fundamentally miss the actual distinctions between the Church and world may not be fully equipped for engaging in the combat of the public square.